Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Juliana Molded Flower Rhinestone


Such a gorgeous rhinestone Juliana D&E found for this design.  It features large oval rhinestones with molded flowers in the top of the rhinestone and the center of each flower is set with a small clear rhinestone.  The edges of this stone are also molded with a pie crust look all around the edge.  So far this design has been found in topaz, red, blue, black, and green.  This design is shown in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation on page 281.

This design is not often found so I have not had many examples of this design to show here in my blog.

Other examples of this design can be found in my database of confirmed Juliana Jewelry under stone type: molded/cut.

I have seen this necklace design, the earrings, a square brooch, a round brooch, a flat bracelet, a flower brooch and a heart scroll leaf shaped brooch done with this stone.  There may be others not found yet due to this being a rare design.

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You can see these designs in my store at: Juliana Molded Flower Rhinestones