Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Juliana Molded Flower Rhinestone


Such a gorgeous rhinestone Juliana D&E found for this design.  It features large oval rhinestones with molded flowers in the top of the rhinestone and the center of each flower is set with a small clear rhinestone.  The edges of this stone are also molded with a pie crust look all around the edge.  So far this design has been found in topaz, red, blue, black, and green.  This design is shown in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation on page 281.

This design is not often found so I have not had many examples of this design to show here in my blog.

Other examples of this design can be found in my database of confirmed Juliana Jewelry under stone type: molded/cut.

I have seen this necklace design, the earrings, a square brooch, a round brooch, a flat bracelet, a flower brooch and a heart scroll leaf shaped brooch done with this stone.  There may be others not found yet due to this being a rare design.

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Juliana Fancy Stones Jewelry - Plastic Scarab Cabochons

Juliana D&E made a number of Egyptian style designs.  In a number of them they used different plastic scarab cabochons.  Many of these scarab designs can be found in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation in the Egyptian Revival Chapter.

The most commonly used was done in belts in many different colors.  The first photo shows three different belts showing a some of the colors this belt. These scarabs are hollow plastic.  I have seen them in pink, topaz, green, and turquoise.  However other colors are possible.

The next scarab D&E used was a solid hard plastic design.  It has molded accents on the front and the back of the cabochon.  I have only seen this in the marbled black/topaz coloration.  This scarab was used in a shaped a cut tubing necklace accented with a twisted metal framework.  The back of this design is just a pretty as the front.

The third scarab is also a topaz design but it has a different scarab design on it. It was used with a cast Pharaoh with wings.  It is also a two sided design.

The final scarab design is a new one found when the collection from Mr DeLizza's factory came out.  It is a multi-colored scarab in a much smaller size than the others so suitable for earrings.  Finding these earrings makes a person wonder if the other designs also could have had earrings done in this smaller sized cabochon.  It also a two sided design.

All of these scarab designs can also be found in the online database of confirmed Juliana Jewelry

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Juliana Fancy Stone Jewelry - Stippled Cabochons AKA Easter Eggs

Orange/Coral for Vendome

One of the most popular of the stones Juliana used are the "Easter Eggs" which are really Stippled Cabochons.  They were only used in three different colors in D&E jewelry with other colors of them only found in one design made in the later years of D&E. 

The three colors are: The purple/blue which is called blue gold splattered.  The orange which is called coral gold splattered, and the white which is called stippled multi-colored.  The orange was used by D&E in both oval and round shapes.  The other two only in oval.

Blue/Purple Set

The orange/coral was first seen in the design books in 1963, the purple/blue also in 1963 and the white in 1964.  Variations on all of these were added in later years such as the orange/coral round with the filigree leaves first seen in 1966.

White Stippled Set

The first design I am going to show you is an extremely rare design it was made by D&E during the brief time D&E did work for Coro/Vendome .  D&E started working for Coro/Vendome in 1962 and only worked for them for a few years so my guess is this design was made in 1963 or 1964.  Marked Vendome both on the necklace and the earrings.

This next design uses the purple/blue easter eggs.  These cabochons were done with many different colored accents including blue/fuchsia and blue/green. They made many different variations on these with collars and bibs along with a wide variety of brooches, pin pendants, bracelets and earrings.

Later Design Stippled Cabochons

The third D&E design is one using the white.  The variety of rhinestone accents they used with this color is just mind boggling.  When looking at all the designs with the different accent stones you would think it is a different center stone as the different accents bring out different colors from the stone. As with most designs they also made a huge variety of variations in the necklaces, bracelet, brooches and earrings.

In the later years of D&E jewelry they did one design that used many different colors of the stippled cabochons.  Shown is an example with 4 different cabochons.  3 of them are Easter Eggs, the other is a green foiled cabochon. I have seen other colors of cabochons used in this design.

Orange Round w/Filigree Leaves

As with most D&E stones they were not the only manufacturer to use these stones. Judy Lee is one designer I know used them.

Most of the known "Easter Egg" designs can be found in the  database.  Use stone type: Painted (hand/transfer)

These designs can be seen in the book Juliana Jewelry Reference on pages 18-27 as well as The Art of Juliana Jewelry pages 100-117. My book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation page 191, 304.

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Friday, September 25, 2020

Juliana Fancy Stone Jewelry - Transfer Painted Cabochons


Juliana (D&E) used several different styles of transfer painted cabochons.  My favorite is the Hunting scene cabochon done in both round and oval shapes.  You will notice looking at this first round design that D&E  used several different scenes in this hunting design cabochons.  These designs date to the mid 1980's.  I talked about these equestrian designs in my blog a few weeks ago.

Another popular transfer painted cabochon that D&E used was the design often called the courting couple that shows a Victorian style lady and gentleman sharing some time alone in a picturesque countryside. Some call this a limoge design but it is incorrect.  This design is also found with a number of very similar scenes.  Done with a number of different accent stones including the turquoise shown here and also in the book Juliana Jewelry Reference on page 160.  The peridot is shown on page 63 of the book The Art of Juliana Jewelry, and topaz which is shown in the database. There is also some variation in the accenting metal work found in the various designs.

The 3rd transfer painted stone found is a floral design.  This design was very popular because it is found in so many different designs. These designs are found on page 158-160 of the book Juliana Jewelry Reference. Also shown in the database. It is hard to remember all the different colors of accenting rhinestones found with this design.  There is milk glass, turquoise, orange, peridot, black, and pink.  Also found are many different accenting metal in including heart and S scrollwork, twisted metal and twisted mesh.  They even did a ring with

this transfer painted stone. Juliana rings are hard to find. I have shown the ring as the 3rd photo. 

The 4th transfer painted design is done in both black with white transfer and black with white transfer.  It is an abstract floral design.  These designs are found in the book Juliana Jewelry Reference on page 161-162.  Found with black and white accenting rhinestones.  The variations on metal work on these designs is astounding.  There are heart and S scrolls in many configurations, filigree leaves, twisted metal and the tube with filigree metal work most often found on the Moroccan Matrix designs.

The final transfer design is one that has just been found in the items from Mr DeLizza's factory.  Just a single bracelet of this design has been found so far.  So this is one to be on the lookout for.  However as with all D&E designs none of these transfer painted stones were exclusive to D&E so will be found in designs made by other companies.

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Juliana Fancy Stone Jewelry - Fluss Style Cabochons

Juliana (D&E) used many different fluss style cabochons.  The ones I will talk about here are the ones with gold/copper accents set in a translucent or opaque base stone. I have tried to show an example of each style they used but I could not show all the color and shapes.

First is this gorgeous gold/copper accented white (milk glass) cabochon.  Often called aventurine (adventurine).  The designs with these style fluss cabochons were first seen in the early 1960's with the exact date depending on the exact design.  They were done in navette, round and oval shapes, usually accented with topaz rhinestones. They were also found accented with different metal findings including: Venus Flames, and twisted metal.

D&E also did fluss stones with many different color bases. The bright blue, red, topaz and green bases are translucent and only found in oval and navette shapes. As shown in this second photo of the red necklace.  This stone is often found used by other designers.

They also did the fluss stones in a base of black, baby blue, pink, and a cream.  These base colors are opaque and found in round, navette, and pear shapes. These designs are represented by this pink/gold fluss design in pear shapes with amethyst and pink accenting rhinestones.

Also found are skinny navettes with fluss stones in coral and turquoise. These designs are represented by this red and orange huge brooch.

As is with most D&E stones these stones are not exclusive to D&E.  They were used by other companies.  This last design is one that is often called D&E and is not.  It might even be shown in a book as D&E but Mr DeLizza has stated it was not made by D&E.

Many of these fluss designs can be found in the
Use the term Striped in stone types to find them.

A couple of the designs are also found in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation on page 285.

You can also see some in the book The Art of Juliana Jewelry on page 106 and 111.

You can see many of these designs in the book Juliana Jewelry Reference on pages 126-128 and 223-227.

Not D&E

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Friday, September 11, 2020

Juliana (D&E) Fancy Stone Jewelry - Cameos


Juliana (D&E) did a ton of cameo jewelry throughout the full history of the company.  This blog will show highlights of the cameos throughout their history focusing on ones you don't see that often.

This first cameo is unusual in that it has ribbon framing around the cameo and also threaded as the chaining on the bracelet.  There is also a matching necklace to this design.  I have also found this design done in an orange/topaz color, and green color.  The bracelet of this design is extremely hard to find. Mr DeLizza talks about the problems with these ribbon designs in is book Memoirs of a Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer on page 85. Which dates these to 1967-69 time frame.  They did not sell many of them as store owners were afraid the velvet ribbon would get dusty and dirty sitting on the counter.

This second is a later design first seen in 1972.  It is done with a cast metal jointed frame accented with cameos, and high domed cabochons. So far found are this topaz/orange design in gold tone and a black/white in silver design.  This is a large bib style necklace and both dangle and button earrings have been found.  The black/white silver design is seen in Mr DeLizza's book Memoirs of a Fashion Jewelry Manufacturer on page 119. This cast necklace frame was also used in designs without cameos.  Instead of cameos they use marbled high dome cabochons.

Next is another newer design that was found in the jewelry from Mr DeLizza's factory.  It is a simple cameo pendant done in a gold toned frame.  It is the only one found so far but their are probably other examples of it probably with other cameo colors.  This same frame was also found in his factory collection but done with the rose limoge cabochon talked about last week.

This next brooch is a really fun later
design.  It is also pictured in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation on page 34.  It also a cast design and quite large making a statement

when worn.  The bow is jointed to the cameo so that cameo can freely dangle. This same bow top was also used in other D&E designs.

Many other cameo designs can be seen in all four Juliana Jewelry books. Most are also shown in the database.  Use Jewelry Type: Cameo to see them all.

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Friday, September 4, 2020

Juliana (D&E) Fancy Stone Jewelry - Hand Painted Rose Limoge Cabochon

 There are three variation on these gorgeous hand painted rose limoge cabochons that are found in Juliana (D&E) jewelry.  Two are oval and the other is round.  

There are also other limoge cabochons found in D&E jewelry but I will just talk about the rose ones in this blog.  I will talk about the others in another blog.

In the oval style the more rare coloration is this first one pictured that has the purple flowers on it.  There are probably other accent colors of this design but this peridot/olivine accent is the only accent coloration I can remember seeing.

The more often found but still rare are the pink flowers. I can remember seeing this coloration accented with fuchsia/pink, peridot, lavender/pink, topaz, orange and blue.

In the round style only one color rose design has been found, the pink.  I have also only found one coloration of accenting rhinestones, white milk glass.

These designs can be seen in the database of confirmed Juliana Jewelry.  Use stone type: Painted(hand/transfer) to see all of them.

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