Thursday, December 28, 2017

Let's Get Buggy - Juliana Bug Figurals - Part II

Lady Bug Brooch
This week I will continue on with our Juliana (D and E) bugs.  I will first finish with all the curled metal antennae bugs and then move on to the ones with rhinestone antennae. 
Filigree Wing Plastic Cabochon Bug

This first bug has been called a lady bug.  So far it has been found in this all clear and AB design It is also found in a clear, red and green design that is pictured in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation on page 99.

This next bug is also found in other colors and has fancy filigree wings and a cabochon body.

Amethyst  Bumble Bee Bug
Next is the large bumblebee bug.  He is also found in different colors.  Notice he has different legs than the other two bugs.  His legs are made the same as the whiskers on the kitty cats.
Topaz Wasp Bug

Next is the bug often called a wasp.  He has no legs unlike the bugs shown so far today.

Green and Topaz Glitter Bug
Now how about the family of bugs often called the glitter bugs.  I have shown several of the variations in design and color.

Pastel Glitter Bug
The next of these curled metal antennae bugs are the large dragonfly brooches done in two different designs and in many many colors.

Pastel round body Glitter Bug
The first is a cast design with with metal cone shaped wings.  The second is a large all rhinestone dragonfly.  Notice he does not have metal sticking off the back of his tail.  You find many dragonflies with this metal on the tail called Juliana (D and E), but they are NOT!
Pastel round body Glitter Bug

Blue Dragonfly
This next bug is very unusual.  It has double wings one of which is metal with a wired over loop of rhinestones for the second layer.

White Metal Winged Bug
Purple Cone Wing Dragonfly

Next week I will do part III of Let's Get Buggy and talk about the bugs with rhinestones on their antennae and also with S scroll antennae.

More Juliana Bugs

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Let's Get Buggy - The Juliana Bug Figurals - Part I

Wood Bead Body Bug
Today I will start with my favorite of the Juliana (D and E) bugs.  The wood body bugs.  These bugs are so cool done with painted wood beads as the body of the bug.  This bug was done in many colors.  Those who know me know that pink is my favorite color so of course this is my favorite of the colors these wood bugs came in.
Plastic Cabochon Body Bug

Rhinestone Body Bug
Juliana (D and E) also made this same bug with other body types.  These include rhinestone bodies and plastic cabochon bodies.

Plastic Cabochon Body Bug
There are a number of other variations you will find in these bugs. You will find slight variations in the number and shapes of the navettes on the sides of the bodies like shown in the patriotic bug.  This bug has three navettes on each side of the body not one as the others show.  You will also notice the florette is a slightly different construction.  The white bug also shows another navette variation.

Open Winged Bug

There are also variations in the metal wing construction with some having a more cut out open look.  You will notice these also have variations in their navettes at the sides of their bodies.  There are more slight variations but I can't spend the whole blog on one bug.
Open Winged Bug

Now we will move on to a different type of bug.  These are the bugs with variations in the shapes of their rhinestone bodies.  There are oval bodies, pear shaped bodies, and emerald cut bodies.  They also vary in the types of navettes on the sides of the bodies. There are even variations in the number of rhinestones on what I would call the tail part of the bug (not that bugs really have a tail).  There are some that have three rhinestones instead of the one.  These also came in many colors.  I have showed the black, the fall colored and the pastel.
Fall Colored Oval Body Bug

Black Emerald Cut Body Bug
Wow as I work on this blog I see that talking about all the bugs will be a multi-part blog.  I will not be able to even scratch the surface if I try to do it on one blog.  So I will continue this "Bug Blog" next week.

Pastel Pear Shaped Body Bug
Fall Colored Pearl Shape Bug
With three chaton tail
One thing to think about this week as you think about bugs is to notice what the antennae look like on all these bugs?  Do you notice anything?  You should.  All have metal antennae with loops at the end.  None have S scroll antennae and none have rhinestones at the end of the antennae.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

So You Think You Know Juliana Intaglio Jewelry

Intaglio Rose Iris Background
Today we will continue our examination of Juliana Cameo's by moving into their intaglio designs as well as some of the cameo's that were not ladies. We will also look at one of the transfer painted designs that is also often collected as cameo's even though it really is not.

intaglio lady head cameo
Hematite Butterfly Clamper Bracelet
The first design is an intaglio of a rose with the shimmering background called Iris.  On page 107 of his book Mr DeLizza says: "We had an intaglio rose with an iris background in glass that sold quite well." This chapter is for 1971-1973.

Next is a lady head intaglio that so far as I am aware only earrings and brooches have been found.  One would assume there is a full parure out there somewhere.  If someone has it I would love to see it.

Another cameo they did was a hematite butterfly.  This is much less common than the lady head cameo's.  I think I have only seen the full set a handful of times.  They also did this design with a rose on the front in many different colors.
Courting Couple Design

Moving on to a transfer painted scene that is often called the courting couple design.  It is important to note that you will find this same scene in many pieces that are NOT Juliana (D and E).  This is actually quite common with many Juliana designs.  Juliana (D and E) did not have the stones made just for them.  All the rhinestones, cabochons, cameos etc that they used were something purchased on the open market so other companies used them to.  So you can NOT id Juliana (D and E) by only the use of a certain stone.
Clear intaglio with 10 petal daisy finding

Clear intaglio design
Nefertiti Intaglio
This next design is again another intaglio done in all clear.  This same intaglio was used in several different designs over the years many with the 10 petal daisy metal finding.  I have shown here a design with and without the ten petal daisy finding.  In his book on page 51 Mr DeLizza says: "There was also a crystal faceted intaglio cameo where the head from frosted.  It was a great look." This chapter is for 1957-1963.

The final design shown will be another intaglio design of Nefertiti.  You will find this same intaglio in several different designs. I have shown it in close up so you can really see the design of the intaglio.

As usual with my blogs there are so many different designs that I am unable to show them all. This blog just gives you a quick look at some of the designs.  Next week we will move on to the Juliana (D and E) figurals.  I will break up the figurals into different groupings.  Next week we will "Get Buggy"  with the Juliana bug figurals.

Friday, December 8, 2017

So You Think You Know Juliana Cameo Jewelry

Pink Cameo
I am sure right now many of you are saying.  Hey I know what Juliana (D and E) cameo jewelry looks like.  Most of it is the ponytail cameo girl in different colors with rhinestones set around the frame.  Well if you think that you are missing out on many other cameo designs they did.  I will show you some of the cameo designs I am sure many of you have seen as well as some maybe you did not know about.
Cameo that head has fallen off

This first cameo design I am sure many of you have seen.  It is the pink raised cameo.  One thing some of you may not know is that most of the Juliana cameo's were actually glued onto the face of these stones and in his book Mr DeLizza talks about how the cameo head would come unglued before they could even get them set into the jewelry and they would need to reglue.  This is one of the reasons you see designs like this 2nd one.  It is a cameo that the head has fallen off sometime in the last 50 years.  You see these in many different colors and now some people even collect them this way, but they were designed to have cameo heads on them.
Black and White Cameo

What about this gorgeous white with black cameo design.  While this design is really very similar to the pink one the change in the color scheme really mades for a totally different look.
Black Floral with Cameo overlay

This next design is also a glued on cameo head but this one is glued on a black molded stone instead of just being on a flat stone.  I am not sure if they glued these heads on these stones themselves making their own cameo design or not.  I suspect they might have as I am not sure I have ever seen another company with this design.  This one is in black but they also did it in other colors.

The next few cameo designs you may have never seen before.  This design is a different cameo girl and she is set in a metal framework molded in the D and E factory.  They did this design in other variations too.   This design is shown in Mr DeLizza's book on page 119 and dates to 1972. 
Cast Setting Cameo Design

We also have this cool brooch that is a cameo set in a molded frame with a giant metal bow at the top. 

Bow Cameo Brooch
Now how about this next cameo with the frame done out of ribbon.  There is also a necklace where the chain is also ribbon.  It was also done in other colors.  In his book Mr DeLizza says and I quote: "We were really fortunate to keep coming up with the new items each year to keep ourselves going.  It was never easy, you had to be willing to take chances. One of the most interesting items we ever put together was a cameo group.  Tony Zangara took some velvet ribbon and wove it around the edges of pins and earrings.  We sold some of it, but customers would not buy it, they were afraid it would have no shelf life and the velvet ribbon would get dusty and dirty on the counter, and would not sell.  What a tragedy for them - it was  a beautiful item."  This was in the 1967-1969 Chapter.
Ribbon Cameo
Dog Collar Cameo

We also have this great dog collar or choker style cameo with heart scrollwork and a tassel.  It was also done in other colors.

Juliana (D and E) also did cameo's that are flower and butterflies as well as ones that are actually intaglios (the design carved into the back of the stone).  They also did some that look like cameos but are painted on like this next blue cameo.
Blue Painted Cameo

Another thing to know is that all Juliana cameos are not true cameos carved out of stone or rock.  They are all factory made glass or plastic.

Next week I will continue with the cameo's showing some of the non lady head cameo's and the intaglio's.