Thursday, October 22, 2020

Juliana Fancy Stones Jewelry - Plastic Scarab Cabochons

Juliana D&E made a number of Egyptian style designs.  In a number of them they used different plastic scarab cabochons.  Many of these scarab designs can be found in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation in the Egyptian Revival Chapter.

The most commonly used was done in belts in many different colors.  The first photo shows three different belts showing a some of the colors this belt. These scarabs are hollow plastic.  I have seen them in pink, topaz, green, and turquoise.  However other colors are possible.

The next scarab D&E used was a solid hard plastic design.  It has molded accents on the front and the back of the cabochon.  I have only seen this in the marbled black/topaz coloration.  This scarab was used in a shaped a cut tubing necklace accented with a twisted metal framework.  The back of this design is just a pretty as the front.

The third scarab is also a topaz design but it has a different scarab design on it. It was used with a cast Pharaoh with wings.  It is also a two sided design.

The final scarab design is a new one found when the collection from Mr DeLizza's factory came out.  It is a multi-colored scarab in a much smaller size than the others so suitable for earrings.  Finding these earrings makes a person wonder if the other designs also could have had earrings done in this smaller sized cabochon.  It also a two sided design.

All of these scarab designs can also be found in the online database of confirmed Juliana Jewelry

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