Thursday, October 12, 2017

The Unusual - Juliana (D and E) Filigree Backs

Today we will discuss filigree backings.  As a general rule Juliana (D and E) jewelry did not design jewelry with filigree backings like seen in other designers jewelry.  However there are a few exceptions to this rule.

This is an EXTREMELY unusual brooch for D&E.  Most everything about is is unusual.  I suspect it was a design desired by a customer and these unusual elements were the only way to construct it as desired.

Also notice the filigree back on this is not the same filigree as seen on the few D&E pieces that do have filigree.

Here is a necklace I am sure many of you have seen.  This is the well known Sunburst design.  You will notice this design has both a filigree back and a support wire. 

Very usual filigree back earrings.  This filigree back is seen in two different designs of Juliana earrings both are large button earrings with rivoli centers but one has these spear shapes stones and the other has just navettes.

Notice the filigree on the back of the brooch.  My guess is it was done instead of a support ring. 

So to wrap up this training I would like you to think about the fact that yes Juliana (D and E) did use filigree backs but they are extremely rare so while you can not rule something out as Juliana (D and E) due to a filigree back you should be highly suspicious that something is not Juliana (D and E) if you see a filigree back.