Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Unusual - Juliana Wooden Jewelry

Large Wood Owl Pendant

To continue this week on our topic of unusual Juliana Jewelry I will be talking about their wooden jewelry.  Yes you read that correctly!  Juliana Jewelry made not of the blingy rhinestones they are famous for, but made instead out of wood.  Yes they may be wood, but they are still fabulous and quite rare.

Abstract pendant

You will notice that the different designs repeat many of the same shapes as other of the wooden items.   The owl's wings are the same wood as the sides of the cuckoo clock.  The top part of the cuckoo clock has the same curved wood as the abstract pendant.

Pendant Cuckcoo Clock
I his book Mr DeLizza on page 113-114 says and I quote: "I then found some polished wood pieces and gave them to Tony Zangara and he made a great wooden cuckoo clock pendant, an owl pendant and an abstract one."  So these three pendants are the designs Mr DeLizza talked about.  They are talked about in the 1971-1973 section of his book.

Did these surprise you?  Has this opened your eyes to the fact that Juliana was more than just rhinestones and that you don't need rhinestones to have some fabulous jewelry.

I hope so.  Next week we will continue our Unusual topic and talk about the other thing you see in two of these pendants.  Heat formed plastic.  We will talk about all the designs that Juliana did with heat formed plastic in many different colors.