Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Unusual - Juliana Charms

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I have decided to approach this blog post slightly differently than the previous ones.  This change for this week is due to the fabulous pair of Juliana earrings I found today that I want to share and also that totally tie in with our topic of the day.  You say what am I talking about, well I am talking about these huge 4 inch long Fox Hunting Charm earrings shown here on the left. 

Fox Hunting Bracelet and Necklace
Now you are probably saying is she crazy.  Why does she think those earrings are Juliana,  I would never have pegged them as Juliana.  Well that is where the fun from this "unusual" topic comes in.  Yes Juliana did make fabulous charm jewelry and this blog post will show just a taste of them.

First here is the Fox Hunting necklace and bracelet that goes with the featured earrings.  According to Mr DeLizza's book pictured on page 149 this design was made for Dottie Smith (and probably sold to others) and dates to 1985.
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Next is the Charm Necklace that was made several different ways.  It was made as shown her both in gold tone and silver tone.  It was also made with a variation in some of the charms including the center charm which was switched for a larger heart shaped rhinestone one and sold to Les Bernard.  The large center heart charm was signed for Les Bernard.  There is also a bracelet for this design and several different types of earrings.  This design is also pictured in Mr DeLizza's book and dates to 1989.
Starfish and Bead Charm Necklace

The next necklace is a wowzer.  It is the starfish and beads charm necklace.  Many of the starfish are plastic as are the beads, so it is pretty light weight for such a large necklace.  It is also pictured in Mr DeLizza's book on page 140 and dates to 1979.

Carol Dauplaise Cord Charm Necklace
Now we continue on into this wonderful charm necklace made for Carol Dauplaise and sold in different variation also not signed. (pictured at right)  It has asian style coins, leaves and other charms.  It is done on a twisted cord that was also done in other colors.
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Now we will talk about the Mayan charm necklace that I have also just found the matching earrings for.   This necklace dates to 1979 and is pictured in Mr DeLizza's book on page 140.  Here are the matching earrings as I don't currently have the necklace to show you.

I have hardly scratched the surface of all the charm style designs Juliana did and this blog post could go on for pages and pages.  However I feel I have given you enough to realize the scope of their designs.  There are many asian style charm designs not shown as well as many others.  Many of them can be found in my book and also in my free database of confirmed Juliana Jewelry at  Is It Juliana Jewelry Database.

Next week we will talk about the cut tubing designs that Juliana (D and E) made.