Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Unusual - Juliana Cut Metal and Tubing Jewelry

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Our Unusual topic of the day is the jewelry Juliana (D and E) made with cut metal and tubing.  They used this cut tubing in so many different ways.  In his book Mr DeLizza says on page 92 and I quote: They had a great selection of tubes and squares they they would cut either straight slices or on a bias. This chapter dates the start of these designs to 1970.

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  This first example is a new find.  It is a faux turquoise cabochon cross with cut tubing inside the cross frame. The frame is made of cut squares.

My next item uses cut tubing along with ball chain.  Ball chain is something Juliana used all the time and I will have a later training blog on that. You can see this necklace uses oval cut tubing where the previous one used round.  I have showed a close up of the necklace so you can really see the tubing.
Red Cabochon Curved Tubing Set

Juliana did not only use the tubing in little cut sections.  They used long curved sections of it as well. The red necklace shows long curved sections of tubing and they ran the necklace chain though the tubing.  They did many different variation on this design.  However not all tubing with chain though are Juliana as others saw and used this same idea.

Patriotic Cut Metal Pendant
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Another cut metal design is this great pendant that used cut metal that is ridged.  It makes for a very unique and wonderful look.

Here is another example with long oval tubing cut at a bias.  It has rhinestones set in between to make a sort of flower look.

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My final example is a bracelet that they also made a matching brooch and probably other pieces as well. So far I have only found the brooch and the bracelet  It makes for a very unusual bracelet for Juliana.  Notice the different sizes of cut metal and tubing accented with clear rhinestones. 

Next week will take a break for a while from "The Unusual" and talk about figurals.  Next week will be the Juliana Christmas figurals as those are the brooches that are some of the most wrongly identified pieces out there.