Thursday, December 14, 2017

So You Think You Know Juliana Intaglio Jewelry

Intaglio Rose Iris Background
Today we will continue our examination of Juliana Cameo's by moving into their intaglio designs as well as some of the cameo's that were not ladies. We will also look at one of the transfer painted designs that is also often collected as cameo's even though it really is not.

intaglio lady head cameo
Hematite Butterfly Clamper Bracelet
The first design is an intaglio of a rose with the shimmering background called Iris.  On page 107 of his book Mr DeLizza says: "We had an intaglio rose with an iris background in glass that sold quite well." This chapter is for 1971-1973.

Next is a lady head intaglio that so far as I am aware only earrings and brooches have been found.  One would assume there is a full parure out there somewhere.  If someone has it I would love to see it.

Another cameo they did was a hematite butterfly.  This is much less common than the lady head cameo's.  I think I have only seen the full set a handful of times.  They also did this design with a rose on the front in many different colors.
Courting Couple Design

Moving on to a transfer painted scene that is often called the courting couple design.  It is important to note that you will find this same scene in many pieces that are NOT Juliana (D and E).  This is actually quite common with many Juliana designs.  Juliana (D and E) did not have the stones made just for them.  All the rhinestones, cabochons, cameos etc that they used were something purchased on the open market so other companies used them to.  So you can NOT id Juliana (D and E) by only the use of a certain stone.
Clear intaglio with 10 petal daisy finding

Clear intaglio design
Nefertiti Intaglio
This next design is again another intaglio done in all clear.  This same intaglio was used in several different designs over the years many with the 10 petal daisy metal finding.  I have shown here a design with and without the ten petal daisy finding.  In his book on page 51 Mr DeLizza says: "There was also a crystal faceted intaglio cameo where the head from frosted.  It was a great look." This chapter is for 1957-1963.

The final design shown will be another intaglio design of Nefertiti.  You will find this same intaglio in several different designs. I have shown it in close up so you can really see the design of the intaglio.

As usual with my blogs there are so many different designs that I am unable to show them all. This blog just gives you a quick look at some of the designs.  Next week we will move on to the Juliana (D and E) figurals.  I will break up the figurals into different groupings.  Next week we will "Get Buggy"  with the Juliana bug figurals.