Thursday, December 28, 2017

Let's Get Buggy - Juliana Bug Figurals - Part II

Lady Bug Brooch
This week I will continue on with our Juliana (D and E) bugs.  I will first finish with all the curled metal antennae bugs and then move on to the ones with rhinestone antennae. 
Filigree Wing Plastic Cabochon Bug

This first bug has been called a lady bug.  So far it has been found in this all clear and AB design It is also found in a clear, red and green design that is pictured in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation on page 99.

This next bug is also found in other colors and has fancy filigree wings and a cabochon body.

Amethyst  Bumble Bee Bug
Next is the large bumblebee bug.  He is also found in different colors.  Notice he has different legs than the other two bugs.  His legs are made the same as the whiskers on the kitty cats.
Topaz Wasp Bug

Next is the bug often called a wasp.  He has no legs unlike the bugs shown so far today.

Green and Topaz Glitter Bug
Now how about the family of bugs often called the glitter bugs.  I have shown several of the variations in design and color.

Pastel Glitter Bug
The next of these curled metal antennae bugs are the large dragonfly brooches done in two different designs and in many many colors.

Pastel round body Glitter Bug
The first is a cast design with with metal cone shaped wings.  The second is a large all rhinestone dragonfly.  Notice he does not have metal sticking off the back of his tail.  You find many dragonflies with this metal on the tail called Juliana (D and E), but they are NOT!
Pastel round body Glitter Bug

Blue Dragonfly
This next bug is very unusual.  It has double wings one of which is metal with a wired over loop of rhinestones for the second layer.

White Metal Winged Bug
Purple Cone Wing Dragonfly

Next week I will do part III of Let's Get Buggy and talk about the bugs with rhinestones on their antennae and also with S scroll antennae.

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