Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Let's Get Buggy - The Juliana Bug Figurals - Part I

Wood Bead Body Bug
Today I will start with my favorite of the Juliana (D and E) bugs.  The wood body bugs.  These bugs are so cool done with painted wood beads as the body of the bug.  This bug was done in many colors.  Those who know me know that pink is my favorite color so of course this is my favorite of the colors these wood bugs came in.
Plastic Cabochon Body Bug

Rhinestone Body Bug
Juliana (D and E) also made this same bug with other body types.  These include rhinestone bodies and plastic cabochon bodies.

Plastic Cabochon Body Bug
There are a number of other variations you will find in these bugs. You will find slight variations in the number and shapes of the navettes on the sides of the bodies like shown in the patriotic bug.  This bug has three navettes on each side of the body not one as the others show.  You will also notice the florette is a slightly different construction.  The white bug also shows another navette variation.

Open Winged Bug

There are also variations in the metal wing construction with some having a more cut out open look.  You will notice these also have variations in their navettes at the sides of their bodies.  There are more slight variations but I can't spend the whole blog on one bug.
Open Winged Bug

Now we will move on to a different type of bug.  These are the bugs with variations in the shapes of their rhinestone bodies.  There are oval bodies, pear shaped bodies, and emerald cut bodies.  They also vary in the types of navettes on the sides of the bodies. There are even variations in the number of rhinestones on what I would call the tail part of the bug (not that bugs really have a tail).  There are some that have three rhinestones instead of the one.  These also came in many colors.  I have showed the black, the fall colored and the pastel.
Fall Colored Oval Body Bug

Black Emerald Cut Body Bug
Wow as I work on this blog I see that talking about all the bugs will be a multi-part blog.  I will not be able to even scratch the surface if I try to do it on one blog.  So I will continue this "Bug Blog" next week.

Pastel Pear Shaped Body Bug
Fall Colored Pearl Shape Bug
With three chaton tail
One thing to think about this week as you think about bugs is to notice what the antennae look like on all these bugs?  Do you notice anything?  You should.  All have metal antennae with loops at the end.  None have S scroll antennae and none have rhinestones at the end of the antennae.