Thursday, January 11, 2018

Juliana (D and E) - Reptile and Snail Figural Brooches

Blue Snail
Today we will talk about the Juliana (D and E) figural reptiles and snail brooches. The first one is the snail brooch.  Notice is also has the curled up antennae the same as most of the bugs.  The snail was done in many colors and many can be see in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation on page 96.

Green Lizard
The next is the lizard.  It of course does not have antennae but notice the feet with toes and the wired over eyes.  It is found in many colors.  Many can be seen in my database of confirmed Juliana. under Reptiles.

Pink Frog
#1 Topaz Toed Turtle
Continuing on with the frog.  The frogs are very rare.  Here is the pink frog.  Notice again of course no antennae, but again the feet with toes and the wired over eyes.  It is found in several colors.
#3 Peridot Double Row Turtle
#2 Topaz no Toed Turtle

Now we will move onto the turtles.  There were a number of different turtle designs.  Some are much more common than others.  The most common of the turtle designs was this first one shown here in topaz (turtle #1).  It has feet with toes and the wired over eyes.  The next turtle looks very similar to the first one but it does not have toes on it's feet.  It is shown here also in topaz (turtle #2).  The third variation of this turtle has three toes and a double row of small chatons around the the center stone.  It is shown here in peridot (turtle #3). The final one of these designs has no toes and has navettes around the center stone.  I don't currently have a photo of this turtle (turtle #4).
#5 Topaz 3 Toed Turtle

#6 Ribbon Turtle
Next is the three toed turtle.  It's toes are made of the same materials as the whiskers on the cats.  It is very rare and found in several colors.  Shown here in topaz. (turtle #5)
#7 Ball Chain and Rhinestone Turtle

Then follows the ribbon turtle.  It  has velvet ribbon around the edge of his shell.  It is found in several colors.  It is a cast design instead of being made out of all rhinestones so it has totally different feet. Shown here in black and white. (Turtle #6) 

We then have the ball chain turtle.   It is done of alternating rows of ball chain and rhinestones.  It does not have toes on its feet.  It is shown in turquoise. (turtle #7)
#8 Cast Turtle

The final turtle is another cast design.  This one has only a center cabochon and the rest is a cast design.  It is found with different center stones.  Shown here in the most common the millefiori center stone. (turtle #8)

This finishes off the Reptiles and snails.  Next week we will move on to the birds with Let's Fly Away.