Thursday, January 4, 2018

Let's Get Buggy - Juliana Bug Figurals - The Finale

Today we will finish up our bug tutorial.  We will start on the bugs with rhinestones on their antennae.  Rhinestones on the antennae of bugs is much more rare than the curved "up" antennae without rhinestones that we studied in the last two trainings.  These rhinestone antennae are much more often found on butterflies.  I have shown the only two bugs known to have these style of antennae.
Eight Legged Bug

The two are the eight legged bug. It is that is found in many different color combinations besides the one shown here.  The second is the caterpillar brooch shown here in jade glass rhinestones.  It is also found in many other colors.  Some of the other colors of the caterpillar can be seen in my book: Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation.

Caterpillar Bug

There is only one other style of antennae found in bugs. It is found only in one large bug, called the two winged bug.  It has curved sideways antennae that are also often found in butterflies.  The antennae are also not smooth wire like the normal curved "up" antennae.  It is also found in other colors.
Large Double Winged Bug

Cast Bug
The only other bug left is the cast one.  It is found in different colors.  The design is totally different from the other bugs.  The frame is totally cast metal with glued in accents.

So now we have finished off the bugs.  To finalize the bug training I would like to give you some simple rules to remember when looking at bug designs you think might be Juliana (D and E).  Next week we will look at the reptiles and snails.

-All D and E Rhinestone Bugs have Antenna. (Butterflies have their own rules)
-All D and E Rhinestone Bugs have wire antenna that are curled UPWARDS
with the exception of the Caterpillar, the Large Two Winged Bug, and the 8 legged Bug.
-All D and E Rhinestone Bugs with legs also have wire curled UPWARDS antennae with the exception of the Large Two Winged Bug shown here in orange.
-No D and E Rhinestone Bugs have trembler wings (springs that allow wings to flutter)
-No D and E Rhinestone Bugs have rhinestone chain antenna. (Remember - Butterflies have their own rules)
-D and E Cast Metal Bugs are different and shown here