Thursday, January 18, 2018

Let's Fly Away - The Juliana Figural Bird Brooches

Open Winged Swan Brooch
Swimming Swan Brooch
Running Duck Brooch
Swimming Duck Brooch
Today Let's Fly Away with the figural bird brooches that Juliana (D and E) made.  I will start of with my favorite of the bird brooches, the open winged swan.  The look is much more understated than many of the others but it is just so elegant. 
Crowned Bird Brooch

Bird on a Branch Brooch
Since I have started on swans I will now show the other swan design.  The swimming swan design.  It was done in different colors.   It is not as large as the open winged swan.
Bird on a Branch Brooch

Bird on a Branch Brooch
How about now some ducks.  We have the swimming duck and the running duck.  They are also found in other colors.

Let's now do the birds on a branch.  Some are sitting on rhinestone branches, some are on cast branches. Some are on branches made of wire,  both smooth and twisted.  They are found in different colors.

Flying Bird Brooch
Road Runner Brooch
Notice two of the birds on a branch have rhinestones on their heads that are like the whiskers on the cats.  There are more birds with these rhinestones on their heads including the peacock and the road runner.  Most of the birds shown are found in many different colors.

Chick Brooch
Notice both the road runner and the chick have the same feet as some of the turtles.  Another that has this same foot design is the peacock brooch.
Peacock Brooch
Our next group will be the flying birds.  There are several in this group including several slight variations that are all called the flying birds.  They are found in many colors with slight wing variations.
Peace Dove
Flying Bird Brooch

There are also two designs that are similar to the open winged swan.  They are the peace dove and the spread wing bird.

Spread Wing Bird
Fighting Rooster Brooch
How about the biggest bird that Juliana (D and E) made.  The fighting Rooster brooch.  This one is not often seen.

Next will be the owl.  The owl has moroccan matrix cabochons with ball chain.  It is found in several colors.
Moroccan Matrix Owl

NOT an owl brooch
So now many of you are saying hey wait a minute there are all the rhinestone designs called the owls.  Well they are not owls they just sort of look like them and the name has stuck, but I will not call them owls as Mr DeLizza's says they were not designed to be figural owls.

Next week we will continue on with the bird pendants.