Thursday, February 8, 2018

Be My Valentine - Juliana Heart Jewelry - Part I

Margarita Heart Demi Paure 
The topic of the day is the heart jewelry that Juliana (D and E) made.  By heart jewelry I mean both jewelry that is designed to look like a heart and jewelry that has heart shaped rhinestones.  I will not be showing the jewelry that has the metalwork that is shaped like hearts.  I will save that for next week.

Puffy Bead Heart Brooch
My first design is one that is not commonly found but is one of my favorites.  It features gorgeous pink margarita rhinestones and metal leaves.

The next one is a frame of rhinestone with puffy beads set over the top making it hard to tell that it actually is a heart.  I have also seen this design done in other colors.
Abstract Heart Brooch

Also found are some other designs that have a more abstract heart look and are also found in different colors.

Ball Chain Heart Necklace
This next design is done in ball chain with the center of the necklace shaped like a heart.  It is also not often found.

Heart Shaped Earrings
The next one is a heart shaped design that was used in different ways.  It was used as a charm on a necklace, as earrings and as a brooch.  I am showing the earrings.  This is also the first of our designs that use a heart shaped rhinestone.
Heart Shaped Flower Demi Parure

The final design is one that you see in many different colors.  It uses a heart shaped rhinestone as the center of a flower design.

There are also a few designs that use a heart shaped stone in with other stones.  I have not shown those here but they can be found in the database by selecting heart shaped in the stone shapes drop down menu.

Next week we will talk about the metal scrollwork that looks like hearts.

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