Thursday, February 1, 2018

Juliana (D and E) Geode Jewelry

Pink Geode Set
I am not sure if all of you love the Juliana jewelry with the stones often called geodes as much as I do.  These stones are some of my favorites.  They are so dimensional and the color combinations are wonderful.  Mr DeLizza talks about the geode designs on page 117 of his book and I quote: "a new rock crystal group in colors."  This chapter is 1971-1973 so I would date that as the start of these designs.

Blue Geode Brooch
My favorite is the pink, which will come as no surprise to all that know me as pink is my favorite color.  I have also said that if I ever find the geode bib in pink no one will be able to pry it out my hands.

Black AB Geode Set
First I will show the design in pink with pink AB rhinestone accents.  You will also find this same geode stone but with pink rhinestone accents.

Topaz Geode Parure
Now we will move on to my next favorite of the colors these geode designs came in, the blue.  I have shown this photo at an angle so you can see how dimensional these stones are. You will see this one has blue AB rhinestone accents.  I have also seen this design with blue rhinestone accents.

Peach Geode Parure
Now we will show one that is really a gorgeous color.  It is sort of a black AB.  Very very striking design.  Notice on this one a different earring design compared to the pink.  I suspect all the different designs were done in all the colors but I am not 100% positive about that.  This one has again the AB accenting rhinestones.  Can you imagine how fabulous this stone would look in a bib.  WOW.

Clear AB Geode Parure
Since I have been talking about the bibs that these geodes came in maybe I should show one of them to you.  These bibs are very hard to find.  I have only ever had two of them.   So everyone here is your mission after reading this, find some geode bibs.

The  next color is very similar to the topaz geode but is a little lighter in color.  More of a peach tone.

The next color is probably the color you will find most often.  The clear AB.  It is found with many different accenting colors including clear AB, green AB, pastel, and maybe more.
Clear AB Geode Dog Collar

My final designs will be some that use the geodes in different ways than we have seen before.  The first is using the same clear AB geode but using in a dog collar design.
Purple Geode with Hard Wired Beads

The next is a very unusual design.  It uses a different color of geode in a totally different design.  I suspect this was a special order for some customer.  Notice not only does it have different colored geodes, it also has hard wired on beads which Juliana (D and E) did do, but it was not common and most designs with hard wired on beads are not Juliana.
NOT Juliana Geode Earrings

My final photo for the day will show that not all geode designs are Juliana.  These earrings are NOT Juliana even though they use the geode stone.

This finishes off the geode designs I have to show you today.  Next week we will talk about some of the heart designs since Valentines Day will be coming up.