Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Be My Valentine - Juliana Heart Jewelry - Part II

Heart Belt Buckle
Heart Scroll Work Pink
This weeks post is about the heart scroll work that Juliana did.  The first piece I will show is a great transition piece as it has the heart shaped rhinestones that I talked about last week and heart scroll work.  I have also seen this belt buckle design done as a full belt and it was a WOW.

Heart Scroll linked Bracelet
Heart Scroll Linked Belt
Citrine Heart Scroll Parure
The next is a gorgeous demi parure of necklace and extremely long dangle earrings done all in pink and faux pearls.  

I will continue on with this gorgeous bracelet that are heart scrolls linked together.  This design actually has a full parure designed like it including a HUGE belt.  Such an incredible design.

After those two it is hard to find anything to top them.  So how about this huge parure of two necklaces, bracelet, belt and earrings.  All done with heart scrolls and citrine rhinestones.

NOT Juliana Heart Scrolls Design
These are just a few of the fabulous designs Juliana did with heart scroll work.  I could show piece after piece.  HOWEVER Juliana is not the only company to use heart scroll work.  It must have been very popular because most of the pieces you find with it are NOT Juliana.  So you really need to look for other Juliana traits to identify a heart scroll design as Juliana.  Here is one example of a piece that has heart scroll work and is often called Juliana and is not.

For more examples of heart scrollwork you can visit the IsItJulianaJewelry Database select under metal accents - Heart or S scrolls.

Next week I will be talking about the Neon Geometic designs done by Juliana (D and E).