Thursday, March 1, 2018

Juliana Enamel Back Designs - Part I

Pink Enamel Design Back
Brown Enamel Design Back
This week I will start our focus on the pieces that Juliana (D and E) did with enamel backings.  By this I do not mean pieces that just are gun metal or japanned on the back.  I mean pieces that the back is a color that accents the stones on the front.

Blue Enamel Design Back
The one we will do this week is a design that is similar in stone construction to the neon geometric sets we talked about last week.  The design is also a mostly cast design with many stone shapes including baguettes, navettes and chatons.  It is always interesting when Juliana used baguettes as they were not a common design element for them.  This design is often called a deco set but of course is not from the art deco period.
Pink Enamel Design Front

This design was found in three colors: pink, blue and brown.  All of the pieces are found in all of the colors and I will try to show at least one example of each piece but probably not in all the colors.

Brown Enamel Design Front
Blue Enamel Design Front
I will first show the back of each design and then show what they look like from the front.

Looking at the back of the designs you can see that the cast part of the design is what has been enameled.  The part that is solder work is plated.

I assume it was done this way so that from the front the enamel would add an extra accent to the design.

Next week I will finish up these enamel backed designs.