Thursday, March 22, 2018

Juliana Butterflies - Part II

Butterfly #1
Our thanks again Paula Knutson for taking on this butterfly training.  Here is part II. 

For this second D and E Butterfly Blog,  we’ll cover many of the Butterflies with Rhinestone Chain Outlining the Wings.

Butterfly #2

Butterfly #1: The largest of these is also the one most commonly reproduced.  The ONLY one manufactured by DeLizza and Elster is this one with this exact Back construction.  ALL closed back stones, Figure 8’s in the body, a support wire for the wings, a diagonally set pin back and Rhinestone Tipped Antenna. It came in many color combinations.

Butterfly #3
Butterfly #2:  The next big guy with more rounded shaped wings also has the same type of back construction – ALL closed back stones, Figure 8’s at the tail, support wire, diagonally set pin back and Turned Up Wire Antenna. Several color combinations were available.

Butterfly #4
Butterfly #3:  A Rhinestone Chain Winged Butterfly with a Cast body has Open Backed settings for the high domed cabochons, a support wire, and Rhinestone Tipped Antenna.

Butterfly #5
Butterfly #4: This one with baguettes and pears has all closed back stones, and the triple Figure 8’s serve to support the wings, and we see Rhinestone Tipped Antenna.

Butterfly #5: Another Baguette butterfly with stiff wire Rhinestone Tipped Antenna was first shared by Mr. DeLizza from his personal collection. 

Butterfly #6
Butterfly #6: Here we see ALL closed back chatons with a single navette for the body. The chatons filling the wings are multi-pronged.  Notice this one has eyes.  Most Juliana insects do not.

Butterfly #7: This smaller Butterfly is out there in many variations. The D and E version has all closed back stones except for the body navette and Scroll Curled Antenna.

Butterfly #7

On all of these butterflies it is important that the open and closed back stones be the same on the butterfly you are looking at.  One back open that should be closed can be the difference between being D and E and NOT D and E.

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