Friday, August 7, 2020

Juliana (D&E) Fancy Stone Jewelry - AB Coated Irregular Baroque Cabochons

 The AB coated irregular baroque cabochon is one not often seen in Juliana (D&E) jewelry.  I have only seen a handful of them in all my years with Juliana Jewelry.  They are mentioned briefly in Ann's book Juliana Jewelry Reference on page 86 showing only a bracelet.  She calls them AB Coated Irregular Baroque stones.  I have also found them described as molded iridescent lava glass.  I have been unable to find a date that these were used in D&E jewelry.

These stones are really gorgeous but extremely hard to photograph. They change color from blue to purple to gray depending on the angle of the light hitting them.  So far they have

only been found in one design scheme accented with gray and AB rhinestones.  I have also so far not found them used by any other manufacturer but they very well could have been.  The other possibility is that they were a small lot of stones purchased by D&E and used up and then no longer available.  If anyone has any more information on these stones I would love to have the information.  Or if anyone has any more examples of this design that would also be fabulous to see and add to the database.

You can find a few examples of this stone in the database.
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