Thursday, August 13, 2020

Juliana (D&E) Fancy Stone Jewelry - Checkerboard Cushion Octagon Rhinestones

I call these rhinestones Checkerboard.  I am unsure what the official name for them is.  If anyone knows I would love to update this blog with the "official" name.

  Juliana (D&E) used them in bermuda blue, heliotrope and vitrail (watermelon) colorations in cushion octagon (often called emerald cut) shape.

These designs are not often found.  So far found are a flat bracelet, necklace, three brooch shapes and two type of earrings.  Depending on what color of checkerboard was used the accenting rhinestones can be amethyst, green, or blue along with AB rhinestones.  The settings for these checkerboards stones are not pronged they are glue set.

I am sure other companies also used these stones so make sure when looking at the designs that the construction is consistent with the already confirmed items.
These designs can also be seen in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation on page 283 with a full page showing two different necklaces, two types of earrings and two different brooches in all three colorations.
You can find examples of this stone in the database.
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