Monday, August 3, 2020

Juliana (D&E) Fancy Stone Jewelry - Moroccan Matrix Cabochons

The cabochons that D&E called Moroccan Matrix were used in so many different designs.  The stones must have been a huge hit with customers.  These stones were first seen in the design books in 1971.  D&E used a number of different colors of these cabochons and then accented them with many different colors of rhinestones and plastic and glass cabochons.  They were teamed up with ball chain and with other metal pieces.  All of these variations made a huge variety of looks.

Other designers also used these cabochons and some colors of them are still available for purchase.  These stones came in a number of different sizes but D&E only used a couple of sizes of them.

Ann's book, Juliana Jewelry Reference has Moroccan matrix designs on pages 105-108. My book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation has a full
chapter on Moroccan Matrix designs and that barely touched the surface of the designs.  There are big necklaces, small necklaces, pendant necklaces, various bracelets, many pin/pendants, tons of brooches, figurals, crosses and lots of different earring designs.  I will feature in this blog only pieces that have not yet been pictured in any book in any color scheme.
You can find many examples of this stone in the database.

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This last brooch is an example of a Moroccan Matrix piece that is not D&E. I often see it identified as D&E.  Notice that it has different sized Moroccan Matrix cabochons that you see in the D&E examples.