Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Juliana (D&E) Fancy Stone Jewelry - Geode Designs

Geode with rhinestone surround
Juliana (D&E) made extensive use of these gorgeous stones usually called geode stones.  Of course they are really not geodes, they are molded glass in different colors, some with a iridescent finish on top.  They have been found in: several colors of pink, two colors of topaz, peach, clear with an iridescent finish, white with an iridescent finish, blue, and the purple/blue givre ones found so far only in the small size with the wired beads.

Geode with metal surround

It is important to know that D&E was not the only company to use these stones.  D&E did not have "exclusive" use stones.  They purchased stones from the same places as everyone else.  So when seeing a stone you must use other characteristics to determine if the item is D&E.

Another important note is that if D&E made a design in one color scheme most likely you will find the same design in many other color schemes using the exact same design.  So knowing the designs will help you when you see a new color to know that it is still D&E.
Geode with wired beads

So far identified as D&E are three different styles of geode designs.
1. Geode with rhinestone surround
2. Geode with metal surround
3. Small geode with wired beads

I also have an example of a NOT D&E geode pair of earrings.  You will note that the number of rhinestones in the surround is not the same as the confirmed D&E earrings.

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