Sunday, July 19, 2020

Juliana (D&E) Fancy Stone Jewelry - Black Pear Painted Floral Cabochons

I have received many requests to do a series of posts about the fancy stones that Juliana (D&E) used in their jewelry.  An important note on this is you can NOT identify D&E jewelry solely by looking at the stones used.  D&E did not have exclusive stones. In almost every chapter of his book Mr DeLizza talks about the new stones they got for each year and who they purchased those stones from.  If I am ever not busy I would love to go through his book and make a list of the stones, where they came from and what year they started using them.  That would make for a fabulous resource.  If anyone else reading this blog has time that would be a fabulous contribution
to the history of Juliana Jewelry and I would love to host that information on my sites.

Great jewelry researcher Mary Ann Doctor Smith already went through Mr DeLizza's book and did a general dating of costume jewelry using the information in his book.  This resource can be found here: Dating Costume Jewelry

The stone we will talk first is a black pear shaped stone that was molded with inset flowers and leaves.  Those were hand painted in bright blue and red for the flowers and green for the leaves.  This stone measures approx. 18 x 13 mm.  This stone design is extremely rare in D&E Jewelry.  I have only seen a handful of these designs.

I have seen two different uses of this stone in D&E jewelry.  However there may be more styles using them and they are just not identified yet.

The first is the huge earrings done with the gorgeous painted pears along with blue and red oval plastic cabochons and small round jade glass cabochons. The metal on this design is gold toned. These earrings are almost 4 inches long.

The second is the black pear stones accented with orange, blue and olivine green rhinestones.  The metal on this design is darkened gun metal in color.

I have seen this design in the oval wreath shaped brooch.  The pendant necklace with the mesh chain, the dangle earrings and button earrings.

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