Monday, July 13, 2020

Juliana (D&E) Figural Musical Instrument and Note Jewelry

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Juliana (D&E) did a wide range of figural musical instrument and musical note jewelry.  Most are done as brooches but they also did pendant necklaces.  There are many different sizes and designs.  The largest one found so far is this guitar done in red and clear rhinestones with S scroll work.  Done as a pendant necklace.  It was found in the personal collection of Mr DeLizza.  It measures over 5 inches long.
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Another very interesting design is this Balalaika which is a Russian Musical Instrument.  It is done with a center dentelle bermuda blue surrounded by teal, aqua, olivine green, and blue rhinestones. It measures 2.6 inches long.
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They also did this musical lute brooch done with green and AB rhinestones. The brooch measures 2.7 inches long.  It has been found in many colors.

D&E also did musical note brooches.  These are older designs so usually found in all clear.  This treble clef musical note brooch measures 2.5 inches. 

An important note on this treble clef and most of the musical jewelry found in all clear is that they are brooches from the early days of D&E so do not have many of the traits we usually use to identify items as D&E.  There are many variations that are not D&E.  We only know which ones are D&E and which ones are not by keeping records of what Mr DeLizza said when identifying jewelry for us in the past. So on these it is very important to compare yours to the ones in the Is It Juliana Jewelry database and make sure the construction of yours matches exactly.
Left Harp is a Juliana Design, Right is Not
There are so many different musical designs.  Found so far are: guitar, harp, banjo, Clef, Mandolin, Lyre, Cello, Violin.  There are possibly more that have not been found yet.  Many of these musical figurals are found in a rainbow of colors and often more than one design of the same figural.

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