Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Juliana (D&E) Fancy Stone Jewelry - Coral and Turquoise Matrix Cabochons

These gorgeous matrix style cabochons were first seen in the design books of D&E jewelry in 1969.  They were done in both turquoise and coral colorations.  These are glass cabochons not real turquoise or coral. There were a number of different pieces in the line that used these cabochons.  My feeling from seeing these different items from the line is that D&E could not consistently keep the exact same stone in stock.  So you will see variations (especially in the turquoise) in the exact color and speckling of the cabochon.  You will notice in the 3rd photo down that there is a lot of variation in the color of the main turquoise cabochon.  Some are much bluer than others.
There were two bracelet styles. The wide bracelet with a large cabochon at each link of the bracelet. You will notice that the wide bracelet adds in another fancy cabochon in navette shape.  It is a fluss style stone.  The narrower bracelet has smaller cabochons on each link but set sideways.

There were 3 necklace designs.  The bib with the large cabochon dangle.  You will notice that the bib dangle necklace adds in another fancy cabochon in navette shape.
It is a fluss style stone.  The collar necklace done with all smaller cabochons with looping rhinestones and the pendant look one with just a large cabochon dangle. 

There is only one brooch design with a large center cabochon and very dimensional construction.

There are 4 different earring designs.  Two different dangle styles and two regular earring styles.  All are clips.  Some add in another fancy cabochon in navette shape.
Again just to remind everyone D&E did not have exclusive stones. You will find this stone used by other companies. You must use other characteristics to determine if an item is D&E.

This stone was also featured in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation on page 286 and 287.

D&E used other styles of turquoise and coral cabochons in later designs.  They are found in turtle designs and some Native American inspired items.

You can find many examples of this stone in the database.

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D&E also used many smaller turquoise and coral cabochons in round and navette shapes and those are not featured in this blog. I hope to feature them at some point in the future.