Friday, September 4, 2020

Juliana (D&E) Fancy Stone Jewelry - Hand Painted Rose Limoge Cabochon

 There are three variation on these gorgeous hand painted rose limoge cabochons that are found in Juliana (D&E) jewelry.  Two are oval and the other is round.  

There are also other limoge cabochons found in D&E jewelry but I will just talk about the rose ones in this blog.  I will talk about the others in another blog.

In the oval style the more rare coloration is this first one pictured that has the purple flowers on it.  There are probably other accent colors of this design but this peridot/olivine accent is the only accent coloration I can remember seeing.

The more often found but still rare are the pink flowers. I can remember seeing this coloration accented with fuchsia/pink, peridot, lavender/pink, topaz, orange and blue.

In the round style only one color rose design has been found, the pink.  I have also only found one coloration of accenting rhinestones, white milk glass.

These designs can be seen in the database of confirmed Juliana Jewelry.  Use stone type: Painted(hand/transfer) to see all of them.

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