Friday, September 18, 2020

Juliana Fancy Stone Jewelry - Fluss Style Cabochons

Juliana (D&E) used many different fluss style cabochons.  The ones I will talk about here are the ones with gold/copper accents set in a translucent or opaque base stone. I have tried to show an example of each style they used but I could not show all the color and shapes.

First is this gorgeous gold/copper accented white (milk glass) cabochon.  Often called aventurine (adventurine).  The designs with these style fluss cabochons were first seen in the early 1960's with the exact date depending on the exact design.  They were done in navette, round and oval shapes, usually accented with topaz rhinestones. They were also found accented with different metal findings including: Venus Flames, and twisted metal.

D&E also did fluss stones with many different color bases. The bright blue, red, topaz and green bases are translucent and only found in oval and navette shapes. As shown in this second photo of the red necklace.  This stone is often found used by other designers.

They also did the fluss stones in a base of black, baby blue, pink, and a cream.  These base colors are opaque and found in round, navette, and pear shapes. These designs are represented by this pink/gold fluss design in pear shapes with amethyst and pink accenting rhinestones.

Also found are skinny navettes with fluss stones in coral and turquoise. These designs are represented by this red and orange huge brooch.

As is with most D&E stones these stones are not exclusive to D&E.  They were used by other companies.  This last design is one that is often called D&E and is not.  It might even be shown in a book as D&E but Mr DeLizza has stated it was not made by D&E.

Many of these fluss designs can be found in the
Use the term Striped in stone types to find them.

A couple of the designs are also found in my book Juliana Jewelry - The Last Generation on page 285.

You can also see some in the book The Art of Juliana Jewelry on page 106 and 111.

You can see many of these designs in the book Juliana Jewelry Reference on pages 126-128 and 223-227.

Not D&E

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