Friday, September 25, 2020

Juliana Fancy Stone Jewelry - Transfer Painted Cabochons


Juliana (D&E) used several different styles of transfer painted cabochons.  My favorite is the Hunting scene cabochon done in both round and oval shapes.  You will notice looking at this first round design that D&E  used several different scenes in this hunting design cabochons.  These designs date to the mid 1980's.  I talked about these equestrian designs in my blog a few weeks ago.

Another popular transfer painted cabochon that D&E used was the design often called the courting couple that shows a Victorian style lady and gentleman sharing some time alone in a picturesque countryside. Some call this a limoge design but it is incorrect.  This design is also found with a number of very similar scenes.  Done with a number of different accent stones including the turquoise shown here and also in the book Juliana Jewelry Reference on page 160.  The peridot is shown on page 63 of the book The Art of Juliana Jewelry, and topaz which is shown in the database. There is also some variation in the accenting metal work found in the various designs.

The 3rd transfer painted stone found is a floral design.  This design was very popular because it is found in so many different designs. These designs are found on page 158-160 of the book Juliana Jewelry Reference. Also shown in the database. It is hard to remember all the different colors of accenting rhinestones found with this design.  There is milk glass, turquoise, orange, peridot, black, and pink.  Also found are many different accenting metal in including heart and S scrollwork, twisted metal and twisted mesh.  They even did a ring with

this transfer painted stone. Juliana rings are hard to find. I have shown the ring as the 3rd photo. 

The 4th transfer painted design is done in both black with white transfer and black with white transfer.  It is an abstract floral design.  These designs are found in the book Juliana Jewelry Reference on page 161-162.  Found with black and white accenting rhinestones.  The variations on metal work on these designs is astounding.  There are heart and S scrolls in many configurations, filigree leaves, twisted metal and the tube with filigree metal work most often found on the Moroccan Matrix designs.

The final transfer design is one that has just been found in the items from Mr DeLizza's factory.  Just a single bracelet of this design has been found so far.  So this is one to be on the lookout for.  However as with all D&E designs none of these transfer painted stones were exclusive to D&E so will be found in designs made by other companies.

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